Is it possible to Uninstall iTunes on Mac? – Answer

This article is based on the procedures for removing iTunes from Mac without problems, in the simplest format and structural procedures.

You can say that iTunes is the most important application launched by Apple and installed on hundreds of millions of Macs and PCs around the world. Although the use of iOS devices is no longer necessary, iTunes remains an important portal for managing, buying and enjoying digital media.

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How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac?

But some users just don’t like iTunes and prefer other multimedia software such as VLC, Fidelia or Vox. It is easy for these users to remove iTunes on Windows, but a little more complicated for those who use OS X. Don’t worry, there is a relatively simple solution. You can remove iTunes in Mac OS X as follows.

  1. To skip the OS X alert and remove iTunes, go to the Applications folder and locate the iTunes application file (/Applications/
  2. Right-click iTunes (or press Ctrl and click it) and select Get Info. Find and click the lock icon in the lower right corner of the window and enter your administrator password. This is necessary to adjust the authorization settings of the application.
  3. Then expand the Sharing and Permissions section of the window if it is not yet visible and change the “all” read and write rights.
  4. This gives us complete control over the iTunes application so that we can replace and remove the operating system warning.
  5. Close the Reading Information window and drag the iTunes application file to the trash again. This time there is no warning and the file is deleted immediately.
  6. Empty the recycle bin to complete the process.

Conclusion on Uninstalling iTunes

iTunes is no longer installed on your Mac and you are free to install and use the third-party software of your choice. If you want to reinstall iTunes, simply start the Software Update section of the Mac App Store (or the old standalone software update if you use an earlier version of OS X than Mountain Lion). With iTunes missing on your hard drive, Software update will automatically offer to reinstall it.

Follow the steps listed above for Is it possible to remove iTunes on Mac? And it is mentioned here with all the necessary and necessary details to remove / remove iTunes from the Mac.

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