Guide to Cast iTunes to Chromecast

In this article, you’ll find instructions on how to stream iTunes from iTunes to Chromecast and connect your device with iTunes streaming to Chromecast.

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Steps to start iTunes for the Chromecast

Follow these steps to access iTunes in your Chromecast

  1. Connect your phone or tablet to your Chromecast on the same wireless network.
  2. Open the Google Play Music app.
  3. Press the Cast button.
  4. Select your Chromecast device from the device list.
  5. Select a song, album, or playlist.
  6. Touch Play.

Download music with Music Manager

With Music Manager, you can download music from any music folder on your desktop (including iTunes and Windows Media Player) to Google Play and instantly stream your best music to your TV or TV. Speaker.

You can even download your iTunes library to your Android device so your entire music collection is available in one place. There is no synchronization required! Learn how to download and install Music Manager and stream it.

Sign out of Chromecast

  1. Using your smartphone or tablet: Tap the Cast button and select Disconnect.\
  2. To use your computer: In the Chrome Settings menu: On the Google Chrome toolbar in the upper-right corner of the browser, go to the Chrome Settings menu> click Cast.
  3. Via the “Transfer” button: If you have defined the “Transfer” button in your toolbar, click the “Transfer”> “Stop transfer” button.

Music commands

  1. Using your smartphone or tablet: You can use the playback controls in the Google Play Music app. Device alerts also give you quick access to your playback commands.
  2. Using your computer: You can use Google Play Music playback control at the bottom of the screen.

It’s a good idea to keep the music player open while listening to music on your Chromecast from your computer. Playback control can not be used after the music player is closed, the computer is shut down, or an Internet connection is lost.

If you follow the instructions for starting iTunes for Chromecast, you can easily access Chromecast in iTunes. For users who want to access Chromecast from iOS devices.

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